Why Adopt a Rescue Cat?

Deciding to add a pet cat to your family is a wonderful opportunity to experience a unique type of unconditional love, and they have proven themselves over and over again as loyal companions, great snuggle partners, and positive additions to any family.

Sadly, research shows that over 60,000 healthy cats are euthanized each year in Australia, and yet irresponsible breeders continue to advertise and sell kittens as though they were an item from the latest fashion range.

Deciding to adopt a rescue cat is a choice which has countless benefits, and which will offer you a rewarding and incredible pet ownership experience. You’ll learn a lot of things about your pet kitty such as why cats sneeze and why their noses are wet. And so, rather than head to a backyard breeder and encourage hundreds of cats to be dumped each year, here are the top reasons you should make an ethical choice and adopt a rescue cat.

Adopt a rescue cat

It Literally Saves Lives

Adopting rather than buying could a lifesaver for the pet you choose. Too many pets come into shelters, and there are too few owners who will consider adopting them. Choosing to give a rescue cat a second chance is more than giving them a family— you could be the difference between life and death.

It Can Save You Money

Money should never be your motivation for getting an animal but adopting from a shelter could be a way for you to add a pet to your home for a lower cost. Most shelters will take care of the spay/neuter, any vaccinations, and the microchipping of the cat in exchange for the adoption fee.

It Can Save You on Training Costs

Many cats who find themselves in shelters are living there because of human issues, such as moving house, divorcing couples, or being replaced with a new baby, rather than through any fault of their own. This means that many will already be housetrained, used to the rules of a home, and happy to fit in with a new family who can offer them fuss and love. The majority of the training years will be behind them, and this can save you lots of mess and stress!

It Can Boost Your Health

Research shows that the unconditional love received from pets is psychologically, physically, and emotionally beneficial to the owners. Your new companion can combat loneliness, and provide a sense of purpose and meaning to your life. This is enhanced further by choosing a rescue cat as you have the knowledge that you have made a genuine difference to the lives of an innocent animal.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Adopting a rescue cat is the most ethical and rewarding way to add a pet to your family. These cats may have been through ordeals such as abandonment, being separated from their family, or poorly treated by previous owners. You have the opportunity to give them a second shot at life—to show them that humans can be loving and caring while allowing them to live out their lives in a secure, loving forever home. Adopting a rescue also helps to deter unethical backyard breeders, who focus solely on profit rather than the welfare of innocent animals.



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