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We're proud to help animal lovers of all types take care of their favourite pets.

Guides, comparisons, tips and tricks… it’s all here to guide animal lovers, pet-owners to be, and everyone in between, to make the best decisions possible when it comes their animals.

Our team

Becky - author

Becky Roberts

Editor / co-founder

Having owned 4+ cats and 2 dogs in her life so far, her knowledge on taking care of the furry friends has grown over the years. Becky is the main content manager here, making sure all content is up to scratch!

About Us 3

Alex Dillard

Marketer / co-founder

With a background in all things digital marketing and a passion for dogs, Alex is determined to make this site the go-to authority for all pet-related issues and questions. We’re pretty sure that if it wasn’t for his wife, he’d never leave the computer!

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